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I am moving into a new apartment and want to downgrade from a 5.1 Teufel system (german brand) to a soundbar due to a more clean living room. Also, my current setup does not have features like Bluetooth and I have to turn the SW on myself which is kinda unnecessary.

I am aware of the fact, that a soundbar does not resemble 5.1 sound and I don't want it. I am no audiophile by any means. I just want to have some bass when there's an explosion on the screen and have a decent music experience. I do not sit down and hear music for entertainment, I hear music in the background when friends are over or I am playing PlayStation.

What will the Soundbar be used for?

50% TV Series and sports
15% movies
25% PS4
10% music (Spotify)

My budget is around 400€. So I came down to the following soundbars. Should I choose one from these?

- Panasonic SC-ALL70 (400€)
- Yamaha Yas-105 (225€) plus additional SW (Yamaha YST SW012 Advanced YST II, 100€) = 325€
- Sony HT-XT2 (200€)
- Sony HT-XT3 (349€)
- Samsung HW-K450 (180€)
- Samsung HW-K550 (349€)
- LG SJ4 (215€)

Anybody has tried these out and can tell me, if any of these fits my needs? Thanks a lot.
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