Question 5.1 to 5.1.4 Dolby atmos KEF speaker placement advice (plan)


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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum. After some years i'm more and more buying quality equipment. and i think i will only buy more and more as sound quality is so important for me. My next investment would be 2 new subs. as currently my sub is a visonik xxxx sub. a impulse buy in a audio store.

My current setup is
Receiver: DENON X3600H
Fronts: KEF IQ90
Center: KEF IQ6C
Surrounds: KEF IQ30

I currently invested i a new DENON X3600H that is capable of Dolby atmos and 4 second hand famous Kef eggs (KHT 2005.2) to use as Atmos speakers on the ceiling. This to help my KEF IQ Series speakers. Giving a more immersive sound in my home theater experience.

I read articles about the best placement for a 5.1.4 setup. But it talks about speakers behind the listener, and some upfront above the listener position. But whit my small room size it is almost impossible to make the perfect setup. That's why i ask your guys for advice, before i start drilling holes in the ceiling/wall

I decided i would place 2 speakers directly upfront the listeners (see image: Green), but i'm still not decided for the 2 other dolby atmos speaker placements (see image: Orange). Is it best to put them above the front speakers to the ceiling as a kind of front high pointed to the listener or put them hig on the side ceiling of the room pointing to listener. my room is 3x4 meters and is 2,8 meters high.



With your sofa against the back wall then the seating positioning is really not ideal for a four speaker Atmos set up as the second pair do need to be behind you. That helps give the bubble of sound effect. It does not mean you cannot place the Eggs high on the wall directly behind the sofa, you have the speakers so well worth the experiment. The fronts then should be high on the front wall and in line with the front left and right. You do not want all four speakers in front of the sofa.

You could place the rear Eggs at the side, again high on the wall above the iQ30s. It's a case of experimenting, difficult but not impossible. Have you got tall children who could hold the speakers there for an hour or two.:)

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