5.1 system problem - pls help!!



Hey all, was hoping you could help me with my difficult setup here. The probem is Im not recieving 5.1 sound out of my pc! Which is a b*tch after I spent plenty of money on it! Heres the setup:

I have a biostar ideq 300g small form factor pc: http://www.icubes.co.uk/asp/product.asp?product=839 (which has optical output)
and creative inspire GD580 5.1 speakers: http://www.creative.com/products/product.asp?category=4&subcategory=464&product=9137&nav=2 (which has optical input)

I have contected all up and had it for a while but I just can't seem to be able to get 5.1 sound coming from the PC. Even when configering the sound renderer and selecting 5.1, the audio will come out funny, with central sound quite and background sound load, so at the mo Im stuck on Dolby PL2. I can still get 5.1 sound from my xbox optically, which means the PC just isnt sending out the 5.1 signal which is baffaling! :confused:

Please any help will be really grateful!! :lease:



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You may want to try asking the question in the Home Entertainment PCs forum. It sounds as if the issue is definitely with the PC rather than the speakers, so I would imagine you would have a much better chance of finding the solution from the bods who populate that message board.


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forgive me if im wrong, but on the specs your link goes to it say SPDIF?...isnt that coax, not optical? (trying to remember back to when i had a Creative Live Platinum breakout box...lol)

try using a digital coaxial cable from the PC to the speakers control box....

or just use various analogue cables and let the PC do the dolby digital decoding...

or if it does use optical, make sure the sound options are set to Digital Passthrough or AC3 only.....i'm used to using Creative software on my PC for a Creative soundcard which may label things differently, but usually you need to have it set as Digital Passthrough, otherwise your computers onboard soundchip is trying to decode the signal, then sending that to the Creative speakers control box which is trying to decode it again, which may not work...

i could be wrong on all this, its difficult without knowing the software.....
but im thinking you are trying to use the wrong kind of cable, altho if it plugs in then it should work....


Sorry I musta got my names mixed up....it is all optical. I will give your option a try and see wot happens...ill also move this post to the other catorgory..tahnks!!
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