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Hey all,

Currently remodeling living area before moving in. I have a Yamaha YHT-4950UBL 5.1 system. I have electrical going in and was hoping to run wire through ceiling as well while the drywall is open. The room setup isn't the greatest, I'll post the picture below. I'm not looking for the sound to blow me away, I just don't want to have to buy a whole new system. I'll only have one shot to run the wiring before drywall going in. Thanks!

8 foot ceilings
-couch will likely be center room which overlaps the wet bar and kitchen entrance
-My plan would be to mount the surround speakers in the corner of the room ~10 feet on either side of the middle of couch and about 2-3 feet behind couch. I know it's not optimum, but may be my only option as speaker stands by the couch would be intrusive and a hazard with a toddler. I thought about moving them in closer, but there will likely be lighting fixtures over kitchen peninsula and the speaker would look odd in front of the wetbar.
-blue circle is planned spot, other side is not shown.
-the system comes with the optimizing microphone as well.

IMG_2904 2.jpg

Mr Wolf

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It quite a large area for that system to fill but those surround speaker locations look OK to me - 11 feet to a surround speaker is not a crazy distance at all. I would stick them 5-6 feet high on the wall on adjustable brackets. Also be sure to use a decent quality copper speaker cable that’s at least 14AWG (2.5mm2) thick.

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