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5.1 Surround sound confusion (cables to set it up on tv).



hi all,

I don't really know what i'm doing but will try my best to explain.

I've just been given a 5.1 surround sound system (acoustic solutions), and I want to get my tv sound out through the speakers.

they are all phono outputs (think that's right) on the back with 6 for the 5.1 sound and then 2 for the aux sound.

i've got the aux working with my pc (phono output to headphone jack input to the pc). I have more cables for the 5.1 connections, which would leave me with 3 headphone jack inputs, but this wont go in the tv anywhere. I also have a DVD player but they wont go in there either.

So, what do I need to get the sound from the tv coming out the 5.1 speakers?

I spoke to a techy friend who talked about amps, but he lost me a little and then quickly moved the conversation on.

Hope that makes sense.


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First of all I am not aware that there are any 5.1 TV broadcasts over "terrestrial" TV.

Secondly the phonos you refer to on the Amp are Inputs, not outputs, but that's just semantics.

The 6 phono INPUTS on your amplifier are for connecting to a source who outputs 5.1 over phonos. Most DVD players will have these. Some TV's MAY have this but highly unlikely. Some TV's may have a digital output but you need a digital input on your amp.

Failing that the way to get "pseudo" 5.1 from your TV is to connect your TV's AUX output (L+R) to the amplifier like you have with the PC. Your amp MAY be able to create a 5.1 output from a stereo source or at least from a dolby digital stereo source which may have the rear surrounds embedded within the "plain" stereo signal.


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Could you check the exact model number of the system you've got there?

Acoustic Solutions make a number of different low end speaker systems with varying features so it would help if we knew exactly what you have.

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