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May 26, 2010
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I recently bought a digital optical cable which i have going from my home theatre setup (digital optical in on the back of my surround sound system).
Going then straight to the back of the playstaion 3 which i would hoped gave me 5.1 on my playstation.
But it doesn't what settings do i need to get 5.1 on my playstation 3 when i play music and games not bothered about movies because i use my surround system for that which has a built in blue ray player

so as an over view struggling with settings on playstaion 3 for 5.1 only getting 2 channel stereo
Switch on the ps3, and the surround system, and have the surround system on its optical selection, as if it was ready and working, then follow the steps in the manual, here!
Standard music files are stereo, not 5.1 - so you should only expect to get stereo from them.

You should get 5.1 from games though.
Make sure you haven't got the PS3 set to output 'Optical PCM' as the PS3 only outputs stereo over Optical.

for 5.1 over Optical you need to have the PS3 set to 'Optical Bitstream'.

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