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Feb 14, 2004
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What are the best and cheapest 5.1 speakers that can easily be connected to my PS2 and prefferably my gamecube?
Why would you want to do that? PS2 can't output 5.1 live in game (only in cutscenes) and can at best produce dolby digital and gamecube can only manage pro logic 2.

If you want to listen to 5.1 (dolby?) in game then the only console that can do that is the xbox mate.
Nope. PS2 can handle 5.1 ingame. Not only that but it can also output DTS ingame too, unlike the Xbox! The xbox is only able to output DTS with DVD video playback.

Not being biased, i have all three consoles.

Sorry Pheonix, your post seems to have been hijacked by a silly 'fanboy' comment.

In answer to your actual query, I think the Logic 3 ones are around the cheapest. See link


These can also be used with the Gamecube, X-Box and PC. They are also supposed to be of reasonable quality (although I do not own them myself). I personally use the Sony DAV S550 AV system, which provides the AV for my entire setup. These retail at a reasonable price these days, around the £200 mark I think and the unit has a built in DVD as well, which I find superiour to using the PS2.

It's worth doing as it makes a huge difference to the sound quality (obviously). Hope that helps.
You could get a cheap all-in-one home cinema kit (~£100) from Argos et al

It would sound far better than a Logic 3 unit, and will probably have a digital input for your PS2 plus at least one analogue input for your Gamecube. Check the specification before buying though
Originally posted by dan_wade
Nope. PS2 can handle 5.1 ingame. Not only that but it can also output DTS ingame too, unlike the Xbox! The xbox is only able to output DTS with DVD video playback.

Not being biased, i have all three consoles.


What games are 5.1 ingame then?

GTA:VC is DTS 5.1 i believe, so what else is there? And please, don't say it can do DTS ingame like thats actually a bonus - everybody knows it isn't any better.
GTA:VC on ps2 is dts 4.0

I got the sony dav-s550 for christmas (the old version) they'v stopped selling them now but i got hold of one and it's got ace quality for £250 it even looks Luvly.So I recommend that .
I agree, for the money the Dav s550 is superb quality!
SSX 3 on the PS2 uses DTS throughout the entire game.

Lots of recent games have PL2 (Colin Mcrae 4, Soulcalibur 2, Jak 2)
pl2 is nothing to do with DD or DTS though. Thats just regular stereo with some clever surround encoding going on - can't compare though.
Most new EA games use DTS throughout the game and sound superb through a decent 5.1 speaker setup. At the end of the day they all sound good to me whether DTS or PL2.

This thread isn't a debate about which games output which sound source though. The guy simply wanted to know some ideas for the cheapest 5.1 speaker set ups that can be connected easily to a game cube or PS2. As he mentions those 2 consoles bringing the X-Box into the equation seems highly irrelevent as if he owned one I suppose he's have mentioned that as well.

Besides everyone knows that the X-Box has technically better sound as it can produce 256 channel 5.1 DD sound direct from hardware, where as it has to be specially programmed for the PS2. This is fact and is simply not an issue in this thread anyway. The PS2 only has a 48 channels as well but if well programmed it can sound very good.
its nothing to do with the xbox. my point was that 5.1 speakers are really a waste if 95% of ps2 games aren't DD or DTS.

This is a link from Gamespot in 2002. Many EA games including SSX Tricky, SSX3, FIFA, NHL etc output DTS through the game. The number will only continue to increase. Agreed many of the older games were just Dolby Surround, Pro logic 2 or just stereo but that's not the case with many new releases.

pheonix322 is therefore looking for a sound system that will play these DTS tracks as well as other types of sound tracks such as PL2 etc.

Here's another link relating to this subject.

Originally posted by james.miller
my point was that 5.1 speakers are really a waste if 95% of ps2 games aren't DD or DTS.

Except he might want to use his PS2 for DVD playback?

Or for Pro Logic 2 on all games, which sounds as good as DD in the majority of Xbox vs GC comparisons I've personally done?

Or for surround sound for music/TV etc
There is no way Pro Logic 2 can compare to DD mate, unless you mean dolby digital and not 5.1, then it is closer, but anyone can tell the difference.
Many of the newer PS2 games released (especially EA ones) are 6 channel 5.1 DTS which sounds superb though. This is far better than DPL2 if you have a 5.1 system simply due to the extra clarity from th extra channels used. Must say though my PS2 spends most of it's time upstairs connected to my other telle not my 5.1 system as the other half generally watches telle on that.

Unfortunately my games telle is only connected to a DPL stereo so it doesn't matter to me really what sound it's kicking out.
I thought DTS for PS2 games used by EA and Rockstar is 4.1 not 5.1 and yes reading up on it Ps2 does indeed output 5.1 discreete audio!

The only digital 5.1 i knew of is on xbox. GC actually has a 7.1 game(Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III Rebel Strike) but you need a PLIIx decoder/system which were extremely expensive last time i went shopping.
Originally posted by hornydragon
PLIIIx hmmm not exactly discrete 7.1 just PL2 with bells. Lexicons Logic 7 is better!


Its better than PLII any way you put it, lol. Although all the stuff i have read does say its discrete 7.1 and its suppossed to be much better than the 5 channel PLII. Dolby seemed quite proud of it. Logic 7 is kinda unknown however. Never seen anything with Lexicon on them.


I havent heard of any comparisions yet. Any links? :)
They can all encode in DD 5.1 as long as you have an amp to play it through. The X-Box is the only one that can output 5.1 direct from it's hardware though.

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