5.1 Speakers on a $2-300 (pound) budget - recommendations please!



I'm new to Home Cinema - and you all seem like professionals! I have recently purchased a 'Sky SPDP3205 32" Plasma (simply because it was $700 (pounds) on ebay - and seemed too good an offer at the price)', I want to complete my setup with a 'decent' set of speakers and a 'good' quality amp.

Speakers: I'm after a 5.1 set comprising of Front - Right & Left, Rear - Right & Left, Front - Centre & a Sub. Sound quality is (obviously!) important, as well as appearance - it has to fit in with my living room - so compactness preferred!

My budget for speakers is $200 (pounds) - however, I wouldn't mind paying the little bit extra for quality. I also need a recommendation for a 5.1 amp to run these speakers off of, again my budget is roughly $200 (Pounds) for the amp - I want to get as much Speaker and Amp as is possible for my budget!

I would appreciate anyone's advice or comments, I am totally new to this, and before coming across this site was going to buy the Bose Acoustimass 3 system :confused: ... Any help will be appreciated! :)

Please excuse the $ sign - (just realised why this keyboard was so cheap on ebay!)
Check out the Canton CD-101 in the powerbuy on this forum. £290 for a great set of satellites and an allegedly good sub.
get to Richer Sounds website and try and snap up the Yamaha surround amp they got going for about £100...if you manage to that leaves you £300 for speakers....

tbh if u want as good as you can get, you want to blow that lot on front L & R, rear L & R and centre speaker.....then save up for a while and get a sub at a later date.....

if you buy floorstanders for the front L & R then you wont worry too much about not having a sub while you wait, but of course once u got the sub you will be extra happy ;-)

if i remember right, that Yamaha amp is 6.1, so u could get 1 pair of floorstanding speakers and 2 pairs of bookshelf speakers from the same range, one pair for rear duties, the other pair to be split up, one to use as front centre speaker, the other to use as rear centre speaker.....or get a pair of floorstanders, a dedicated centre and a pair of bookshelfs and settle for 5.1 surround......

however if you really need small speakers ie satellite types, then prolly best to just go for a all in one package of active sub with inbuilt amp/decoding and 5 satellite speakers....there are various ones about, just try and demo any that you can and see what you think...
Zag2Me, Troon, Knyght Byte...

Thank you all for your advice and recommendations - your advice has helped clarify a great deal.

I'm now thinking of going for the Canton Movie CD101 & CD50 (Centre) for the time being, think I'll add an amp later on - save up for a decent Denon. Effectively making up a 6.1 setup, the Cantons seem highly rated amongst the forum, are compact, (hopefully wall mountable & come in Black?) and cosmetically look good - just the package!

I guess I'll be giving Jake a buzz.

(...Now how long can I wait for those CD101's?)
I've just purchased these items.
They fit nicely into your budget, and sound superb.
Not knocking the CANTONS at all, they are good speakers.
Just an alternative to get you thinking again.




Both sites were a doddle to order from, and items were delivered promptly and securely.
The sound quality, (for a budget system), is brilliant.
Just got some new speakers myself

went for the following

gale bi-polars

gale fronts

mordaunt short centre

gale sub

pioneer 7.1 av amp

total cost of £475 from julians local outlet

lt sounded really good to me in the shop, unless i'm kidding myself as i blew way over my budget on my plasma :)

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