Question 5.1 Speakers needed but clueless


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Hi people...

I'm in desperate need of a 5.0 speaker package, I already have bought a REL Q400E and may get another so the bass is sorted out, but, I'm so lost to figure out what to get for the front, centre and rear speakers :(

I have a SONY STRDA5400ES amp and it has a 150w RMS output into 8Ohms, all the speakers I have looked at are like 65w through to 100w

The only package I liked the look of is the slightly older KEF KHT2000 package, even the older still Mission 773e package, but, I want powerful satellites of a minimum of 150RMS 8Ohm to match my amp but only on a tight budget of around £450 for the lot :(

Can someone please advise on what would be excellent to match it? Even if the package dates back to the year 2000 odd...


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Just saw a 3 set of Miller & Kreisel K-17 speakers (would have to buy 2 more for 7.1 use) but still, would these be good with say, a pair of K-5's??? But the K-17's are 4Ohm, will this damage the amp?


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There is no need to match power of the amp and speakers. In fact there is no benefit in trying to get 150W speakers. Also ignore the specs on the amp since they are hugely over inflated and your AVR will not be putting out anywhere near 150W per channel anyway. Even if it was putting that power out you would be seriously damaging your hearing listening at that volume since you would be up in the pain levels of dBs.
Given the quality of of your AVR you could easily justify paying £2-3k on speakers to get the best from it.
The M&K speakers will be ine with your amp. 4ohms is a little low but it is a quality AVR so should be able to handle that impedance (although I would not go any lower). M&K speakers are also good quality so would be consistent with your amp.


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Ah ha, but I only just found out this amp is actually 120wRMS, the M&K's are rated at 150w each, but only 3 of them are available. I still need to find a Pair of K-4's and possible a set of K-5's for the additional Mid/rear left/right. My living room is 26x19ft sowhy I wanted enough power to fill the room, but only for a few months it'll be setup in a bedroom 16ftx14ft. So, even a old mission package would be ok or a KEF KHT 2005.2? (not including the sub)

I'd love to get the


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Sorry the picture is low quality, but, for £130 for all this lot is is tempting. Mission 773e fronts, 77c1 centre and a pair of 77ds rears. This or the M&K package I'll go for, this SONY can go to 40hms which I never knew, but still, these 2 packages, I always presume the M&K's will always come out on top?


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