5.1 Speakers For Sony STR D2400ES


Just got myself one of these babies and need advice as to which speaker set I should partner with them.

I really want smallish wall mounted "style" speakers in this set up and as this amp is supposedly a little bright (I read it somewhere) need something that will tone this down a little.

Need this to be able to handle music as well as movies but realise the music wont be top notch.

I have £3/400 to spend and I not adverse to buying a higher spec 2nd hand jobbies off ebay if you could give me any ideas

Ive provisionally picked the Boston Acoustics Soundware XS based on the what hifi review and price of £289 @ 0% but have no idea how they would sound with this amp

Cheers everyone


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I had these for a day on the same amp, but the sub kept cutting out. Richer sounds took them back no problem, they had a letter from bostons advising of a bad batch.

But when the sub was working i was quite impressed with the room filling capabilites of this little cubes.
The sub it's self dosen't go down too low but is did complement the cubes well.
Comes with a good fixing kit too.

Bad points,
I found the binding clamps very akward to fit 79 strand speaker cable into them as the access to posts is very tight.
Sub cutting out

Good points,
Wall mounts
easy placement of sub

Hope that helps


just found some Kef KHT1005.2 set for £345 - seems a good price but would they be good with this amp


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I just bought the Kef 2005.3 set, they are excellent, if the 1005.2 is anything like then I would recommend - also considered BS Soundware XS but Borg's bad experience put me off. I will add that through a friend I got the 2005.3's cheaper than a new set of 1005's so it was a no brainer.

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