5.1 speakers for blu ray player?


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Hi all,

i am looking at buying a surround sound system for christmas, as well as a blu ray player. im not sure wether to buy the package as an all in one (home cinema system) or to buy the speakers seperate than the player itself, in which case i have another question.

Will any 5.1 surround sound set of speakers work with a blu ray player or do i need some sort of HD compatible speaker set. Sorry for talking in lamens terms alot here, im not too technologically minded lol.

The pairing im looking at is the
TOSHIBA BDX1100 Blu-ray Player buy online | Currysand
S-HS100 Pioneer - Speakers - Flat Screen TVs

will these work in perfect harmony?

Any help is greatly appreciated guys,
Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
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As Andy98765 has has so Succinctly stated,you need to introduce an Amplifier of some sort.

This will increase your,as yet unstated, Budget.

An AVR (Audio Video Receiver)will take the sound signal from your blu-ray player and play them out via the speakers.You can also connect other equipment to the Amp,such as the Tv,Games console,ipod etc.

Expect to pay from £250 upwards for an AVR

An All in One,such as those on your link, includes everything and may well be cheaper and more convenient.However,if one thing goes wrong,you Could lose the use of all of it.

Should you fancy an All in one,then there is a Forum that deals with them.Here; All-in-one Systems Forum at AVForums.com

Good luck



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I would recommend going the separate amp, speakers and player route as it will give more connectivity, better sound quality and in the long run cheaper to upgrade/replace. AV recievers can be bought for under £200 and and AV reciever and speaker set can be bought for around £250 (Onkyo 5305). So there is no need to spend a fortune. What budget did you have in mind?


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thanks all for your info.

My budget was around the £200 but sounds like that needs to be revised haha.

it sounds like the combination will suit me as i am only looking at connecting the bluray player perminently and i can put up with the ocasional swapping over of hdmi cable to the p3s.

Again thanks for the info, i was under the impression that all new players (DVD and bluray) would be made ready to connect to a 5.1 surround sound set of speakers without the need for anything else but my eyes have been opened.

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