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Hey, hope folks can help.

I'm currently looking into replacing my Yamaha RX-V3800 with the RX-A2010. As a consequence I also want to change my speakers (Yamaha NF101).

I'd like something in black and a little more discreet (GF's orders) than that rather large NF101's.

I have a budget of around £750. Any recommendations? I was thinking of maybe the KEF KHT3005HD2 kit from Richer Sounds but I'm open to any suggestions.

Many thanks in advance.


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Are you sure your speaker are the Yamaha NF101, or are the the NS-F101? Search for NF101 turns up nothing.

Do they look like this -

Yamaha NS-F101 Speaker System: Find and buy cheap Home Audio Speakers and Subwoofers with Shopping.com UK.

If not, give us a detailed description of the existing speakers, that will help us understand how much of a change you are planning to make.

As small satellite speaker go, the KEF are pretty nice, and if this is a pure Movie system, they will probably be fine. But, they are likely to be limited for music.

I'm not a big fan of Satellite speakers, so I'm probably not the best person to advice you. But hopefully I can get the ball rolling, and others will chime in. My advice would be to spend the money on some more substantial speaker.

The Girl Friend has to realize that you are not buying a little statue or commemorative plate to be put on a shelf and admired. Speakers perform a purpose, that purpose has to come first above looks, other wise your money is wasted.

Still, as satellite speakers go, the Kef are very popular and well liked ... just not by me.



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Sorry, yes it's NS-F01.

They're huge and silver and to be honest, I don't really know how good they are in the grand scheme of things but they've always sounded great to me.

Unfortunately, the GF doesn't even want speakers in the living room so as a compromise I can pick something more discrete. Lol.

Turns out she's not a fan of the KEF "egg" aesthetic but doesn't mind the KEF T205 (which I appreciate are a major step up in budget).

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