5.1 speakers, around £250 budget.



Ok, so the title really says it all, I'm looking for a set of 5.1 speakers including a sub for at most about £250. I could probably stretch to about £300

I will be running it off a av amp, something like the Yamaha rxv359.

I prefer the look of bookshelf (for the front anyway) speakers, satellites for the centre and rear would be fine. But it's not that big a deal what they look like.

I realise the budget is a little tight and ive had a look around some places but i cant really find anything. Ive had a look at the Pioneer s-v50 and some other pioneer bookshelf type ones. But i reckong the pioneer stuff isnt so great.

So what can you guys come up with?



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pop to Richer Sounds and check out Gale, Mission, Mordaunt Short etc...all those companies make fine bookshelfs at reasonably good prices.....say £70 a pair average.....usually a matching centre is available for around say £40, then grab a pair of JBL Mini Monitors for rears, they are not quite satellite size but still very small compared some speakers....i think they around £50? i cant seem to load up the RS website atm so i cant say for definite..lol

anyhow, thats £190 most likely used up, with the remainder, go to the classified forum here on AVF and look for older REL models, usually a Strata (Mk1 or Mk2) or if lucky a Storm Mk1 can be had for around £100...it wont be in immaculate condition most likely aesthetically, and its going to be a good few years old, but should have plenty of life in it and will give you fairly decent and powerful bass for the money....alternatively save up more money and go subless for a while...then get something brand new, if you can get up to £300 a BK XLS200 i think is the preferred bass weapon of choice....

there are lots of options though......have a look at various retailers and manufacturers websites, find the models which fit in to your price bracket and go try and demo them to see if you like the sound :)


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I've seen the KEF KHT-1005 advertised recently for £299 new so you may be able to get them if you can stretch you budget. I haven't heard them or seen them though so I have no idea how good or bad they sound.

Adam Shaw

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kht1005 good, but are you after a real 'manly' sound?

If so, you need proper speakers, not eggs laid by a metal duck (apologies to all kef fans out there, but he did mention bookshelf speakers).

I would go with Knight Bytes advice, and look at building up a good package from cheap bookshelves.

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