5.1 speakers and av receiver


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im looking to buy a 5.1 surround system and receiver probablt spending between £400-£600 pound please could anyone suggest some good setups i am willing to sacrifice some sound quality for looks especially were the speakers are concerned


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Do you have any size restrictions on AV reciever and/or speakers? What do you mean by looks?
For your budget you are looking at a sub/sat speaker system really. Have you considered building the system slowly? So getting a receiver and maybe the front pair of speakers and then getting the other speakers later?
For well within your budget you could get something like the Sony 820 with Boston Accoustics Soundware speakers or for just a little more you could get the Q Accoustics 2000 AV speakers.
Other amps to look at would include the Denon 1912 or Onkyo 609 or Yamaha 671.
If you can wait until end Jan/Feb then you could pick up some good deals on the receivers as new models tend to be announced around that time.

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