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5.1 Speakers and Amp for £400


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I've been looking for my parents and originally set on the Onkyo 6305 all in one 5.1 system. This looks like it comes with the 508 Amp which doesn't look too shabby.

That said, play.com are selling the Sony 2400 for £230 :eek: and richersounds are offering the Canton Movie 80 5.1 speaker system for £180 so would those two be better than the onkyo?

anything else I should be looking at?



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The Sony 2400 is a level above the 508 in reciever terms so will sound better. Also the 2400 is a real bargain at the moment so well worth the £230. However, it does really reserve better speakers than the Cantons and if possible you should try to stretch the budget to the Q Accoustic 1010i for £250 from Richer Sounds. If you are on a very tight budget then you could look at the Tannoy SFX too but really the QAs are the minimum I would put with the 2400. The 2400 will work fine with the Cantons or Tannoy speakers it is just you will not be getting the full benefit of the better reciever.


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Thanks for the reply.

I don't think they want to go much past £400 if they can help it. Just trying to find the best hardware within that budget.


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If you are on a tight budget then consider the Teufel Kompact 30 at £119.00 from Amazon (with two pairs of stands and shipping I paid £230.00 all in). As already said they are budget speakers so will not do full justice to the Sony STRDA2400 however, I have that amp amp and with these speakers I think the sound is superb:thumbsup:. I will admt though that I haven't heard any other systems apart from my old Panasonic all-in-one.


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Thanks, I will have a look at those

I think the amp is a dead cert since it's a real bargin at the minute. Just the speakers. I've been looking at the Jamo A102 which look pretty good and can be found for £185 inc shipping


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The Jamo speakers are described as bright sounding and may not pair well with the bright sounding Sony. Now they may sound OK to you but if you can not demo the combination first then I would steer clear and go for the Tannoy set or similar instead. At least with the Teufels you can try at home and return if you do not like them.


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You could always concentrate on quality left and right fronts... perhaps monitor audio bronze br1s ( currently £120 at sevenoaks until they all sell )... get a good budget centre... perhaps the cambridge audio s50 ( currently £80 at richer sounds ) and then add the rears and a subwoofer at a later date , I would be tempted to get the most detail out of that amp and cheap 5.1 packages won't. Some people dont like mixing and matching speakers ( and for good reasons ) but I have done this from time to time and its always done the job for me, my current lounge cinema system is mixture of brands as it happens.


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I can heartily recommend the combination of the Sony and Tannoy.

I got my set up for £350 brand new, and it sounds like it cost a lot more than that to my ears!

It gives a rich sound, warm but not muffled, and the sub is incredible for the money, really adds a kick to the overall sound.

Having said that, I bought the stands for the Tannoys, and that really seemed to improve the quality of the sound, probably because I could place them more accurately instead of just having the rear surrounds on end tables and the fronts on the TV unit!

I did initially buy the Tanoys just for now with a view to buying a set of Q Acoustics, but to be honest I don't feel the need!

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