5.1 Speakers; 3 cables, one jack.


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Hey all,
I'm sure this is a pretty simple question with an easy solution. I bought a set of 5.1 speakers the other day to use with my laptop whilst I'm abroad here in Egypt studying, the only problem is my laptop only has the one standard 3.5mm jack headphone input, and the speakers have three outputs, Green, Orange and Black. At the moment I can only get the sub and two satellites to work.

How can I solve this problem? Is there a simple adapter I can buy so that I can connect all three into the one port and make use of all speakers?


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The speaker set requires a soundcard that decodes 5.1 and then outputs it via the 3 outputs that correspond to the inputs on your speakers. I sounds like your soundcard only outputs a stereo signal using the 3.5mm jack. Now you may be able to get a splitter to split the sound to the 3 outputs but it will not be surround sound (will be the same signal to all speakers). So if you want surround sound then you need to get a new soundcard that supports the 5.1 output.

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