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I am looking to upgrade/change my 5.1 setup and also make it more room/wife friendly.
I currently have an Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 3 5.1 package which are several years old now but still in good working condition, however I think it is time for an upgrade as we are moving house and the walnut finish is a bit old fashioned.
I have a Marantz 7012, and have been looking at the Q acoustic 3050i package.
Budget is a little low due to house move but I would consider waiting and saving a bit more if needs be.
Any recommendations would be most welcome.


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You could do the upgrade in parts if you can live with the walnut surrounds for while. Buy the front three first and keep the sub you have. There is not a single reason why you should be buying that QA package sub or any "matching sub", your money is better spent looking something different (BK Elec, SVS, XTZ, Arendal..) later when funds allow.

There is many options. I will list couple of those if your budget is about ~1500£. Remember list prices are just those, you can and should always try to get better deal. MA Gold and KEF R-serie are being replaced, they offer the best bang for buck as you could get something really special and even better upgrade.

MA Silver 200 + Silver C150 (1375£ - 1500£)
Monitor Audio SILVER 200 (White)
Monitor Audio SILVER 200 (Gloss Black)

Dali Opticon 5 + Opticon Vokal (1429£)

MA Gold 200 + Gold C150 (normally 2200£ + 649£, now 1300£ + 369£!
Sevenoaks Sound and Vision

R500 + R200C (1600£, new models costs 2850£)
KEF R500 Floorstanding Speakers
KEF R200C Centre Speaker

If those prices are still too high and you could imagine having standmount speakers, then there is more options. Compared to floorstanders (R500) you would save 300£, but 100£ would go to speaker stands, so the savings would be 200£ in this case. You can make this system (or tower R system) even cheaper by choosing KEF LS50 (400£)as a center channel placing it horizontally.


I would rather build it slower to get superior system in the end rather than buying cheaper package system right away. Tell us what you think!


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Slow and steady builds a better system.

Those MA Gold 200 @ 1300 are a serious bargain..

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