5.1 Speaker system, which make?!


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Im eventually going to take the plunge and get myself a Home Cinema set up.. the problem is I really dont know what kit to buy, Ive decided on the screen and thats going to be a Panasonic PX60 42" mounted on the wall.. then I have the problem of amp/dvd/speakers so il post a thread in each forum and see what I get back!

As we are in the Speaker forum im looking for some advice on speakers, i know this is often down to personal preference but at least with some help i can shortlist them. A couple of years back i had some KEF Crestas demo'd and the KEF eggs both sounded superb. As to how much to spend i really dont know, at first i was looking at say £600 for the full 5.1 setup but then i spent £550 on my 2 stereo speakers 12 years ago! Things have moved on tho so maybe £500-£800 will get me what im after....

Kef currently do the new egg system but i dont think this can sound as good as full speakers. Aside from KEF ive heard Linn speakers which sounded good and a make i have in my car are FOCAL which i see do home stuff to.

basically any help appriciated as I want to buy it all asap but just have no idea what to buy/get demo'd!



PS... the room is about 13feet square


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www.av123.com has a new lineup: the X-series. These speakers (of which there will be bookshelf, center, standmounts and subwoofer) are designed to be the best speakers for sale anywhere in their price class.

Of course shipment costs, taxes and duties will need to be added for shipment to Europe, but still these are unbelievably good speakers given the amount they will cost you. (both for stereo and HT)

Email [email protected] (Sean Parque) for a quote (including shipment) and estimated delivery times.

To get an idea of what this company and its products are all about you can skip through their forum: http://av123forum.com/

On this side of the ocean you will have a hard time finding anything better in its price class. And that includes all the big name companies.. ;)


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With a little luck (and carefull negotiating ;)) you may apply for the Ferrari red limited run ($279/pr for the XLS). There was a limited run on the XLS speakers, but they might make more if people also order the center (link).

My small apartment is already filled with speakers (9!! Onix Rockets and the upcoming RSL II's), :D ..otherwise I would certainly apply.


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The room size (13sq ft) you quote is smaller than the one I have (16sq ft) and I am running a Kef 2005.2 package which, is wall mounted (to save space).It is excellent in a small enviroment, you can soon lose space with floor speakers.
The centre speaker is a weak spot in the system but, to me, DVD,TV and games console sounds fine. CD music does suffer though I have found. I will probably get the 3005 centre at some point if the reviews prove to be good
In the classifieds 2005 packages are going for about £300 now, mine is one bought through them.

I have seen the KEF 5005 system used with a wall mounted Plasma and that does look very slick:) but,all depends on your budget really in the end!


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that is tempting... £300 ish saves a fair bit of money... il take a look now. I like the idea of it all wall mounted with no wires showing etc..


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just ordered some orbs.......the reviews are good and they have a high WAF if you need it!


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If you haven't already bought your speakers yet you may like to know that SuperFi in Birmingham are doing the Kef 5005 set for £500.
They may be worth a demo at least at that price. I've just bought some today.

I notice you're in Staffordshire. I'm in Tamworth so Birmingham was the closest branch, but depending where you are I think they've got branches in Derby and Stockport too. And no, I don't work for SuperFi :nono: :)

Once I've got my speakers set up you're quite welcome to come for a demo if you want - just send me a PM. I've probably got a similar set up to what you're after and I too have got my eye on that Panasonic plasma ;)



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For just under £800 you could get the SVS 5.1 system which is a step up from the kef system.

This system includes the PB10 sub which other than the BK sub cannot be beaten in the value for money stakes.

AV sales have an open day the weekend after this demoing the new sub from the svs range + other svs subs and the 5.0 speakers too.

We are going down along with a few other forum members for the day so if you were interested let me know.


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thanks for the replies... ive still not got round to buying anything! been really busy and getting hall/stairs/landing plastered this weekend.. my aim is once that is done im getting the plasma! so only a couple of weeks :)

I need to get some demos as its the only way really, if i here something and think id be happy with that then il go for it, ive been to a custom home cinema place in Cannock (used to be max audio) some impresive things there.. but the 180K home cinema is just a bit out of the price range! worth a visit tho if you live in the area but its appointment only i think...

il look into the systems people have mentioned 5-800 ish seems about right to me, i think il get a sound im happy with for that.


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