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I have bought some wharfdale dx-2 5.1 speakers to go with my Denon x2400h amp and am trying to work out best speaker placement.

Like most living rooms, I don't have a meter between the sofa and the back wall and the rear speakers will have to go on the wall slightly behind and to each side. I have the option to setup these speakers as either back surround or side surround but appreciate they are probably placed somewhere inbetween. I could use brackets to angle the speakers but which option is likely to give me the better results?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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For 5.1 your amp will say to put the surrounds into the SR/SL outputs and they are the ones to use. If you look at the placement for a 5.1 setup the speakers should be more to the side than the rear anyway so you should be fine with that. You would only use the SBL/SBR outputs if you have a 7.1 system.
If you can use the SBL/SBR on their own then it would not matter anyway since the amp will do the same thing no matter which one you used. So if you have a 5.1 soundtrack the amp will play the rear effects will be sent to the rear speaker no matter which output you used so hence would sound no different.

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