5.1 speaker positions for new entertainment room advice


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Dear all,

I am having a new entertainment room built, it will be mainly for watching movies, watching tv and playing consoles games. The ceiling will be sound proofed and the floor will have carpet. I have attached a basic layout of the room and I'd like to get your advice in the best positions to place my surround sound speakers. I think I will get the B&W MT50 5.1 set up.

Behind the sofa the double doors will swing open into the room and rest against the wall, this means that my rear speakers will be mounted high on the rear wall above the door frame.

Let me know what you think would work best.




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You can see the recommended angles here by Dolby, but as you have window on the left side and another door(s) at right side you likely can`t place them on side wall. Then it really comes down what you can do in the room and placing them behind you very high.. You can angle them shooting toward listeners/over them. It`s been ages since i have heard surround speakers placed like that, but i know many has done this compromise and it`s better than not to have them at all.

Looking at the price of MT50 5.1 system = 1100£. I think you should buy the speakers alone (745£ x 5) and then picking better subwoofer from dedicated manufacturer. You can then outperform the MT-60D system which costs 2k£, while doing it for the same price of MT50 (1100£). Subwoofer i have in mind is larger, but if that is not problem then proceed as there is no reason or need to buy "matching" sub!

There is even better options and different finishes if your budget isn`t limited to 1100£.


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Thanks for the information. Interesting thoughts about buying a separate sub, I'll look into that and it sounds like the way to go.

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