5.1 Speaker Package suitable 4 - Yamaha RDX540


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Feb 14, 2004
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I've decided to get hold of a Yamaha RDX540 receiver from Richersounds.


Not really clued up to mixing speakers and I want an amp so I'm definately going to get a 5.1 package.

Ideally want the Floorstanding\Bookshelf speakers in black\gray to go with decor of room. NO Satelites

The rating of the amp is 115Watts at 4ohms. I've seen some speakers I like for £280


They're only rated at 50watts per channel though.

Would they be safe to use\suitable\sound good with this amplifier. Could you suggest an ideal match with my amp?

Thank you for any help in advance.
Thanks horneydragon you've been a great help ;)

I'll be off to get these tomorrow then hopefully.
Right 1 FINAL question, is it possible to buy just 1 of the surround speakers so I can make use of 6.1?
Aren't you supposed to use a surround speaker (another 302) rather than a another centre speaker (the 304) for the centre surround for dolby ex and dts-es?

How do u select how many ohms you want?

Is it just down to the wire you use?
a single 302 will be interesting to find! you can use a second centre if you want or another sat. dont worry to much about ohms. they are just a charateristic of the speaker. you will probably want some better speaker cable too 70 strand oem stuff is fine dont get sold £5 a metre stuff you dont need.
You will not find a seperate 302 new. We generally advise using the 304 as a centre rear (I use one myself) as it gives an identical soundstage to the front.
ok thanks, I'm ordering the RX-V540 + MS-short 5.1 tonite. Hopefully have the kit by end of week.

Obviously I'll need some cables to link everything up.

Gotta connect this lot to the amp...

Playstation 2 - digital out - 1 metre - RGB\S-video for video
DVD Player - digital out - 1 metre - RGB\S-video for video
TV - 3.5mm jack (has no other audio output) - 2 metres
Computer (its got an spdif output and my computer can encode and then output a DD5.1 stream) - 5 metres - s-video from tv-out on graphics card.

My tv only has 1 (RGB\S-video) scart + 1 Composite scart + 1 s-video + 1 RCA jack input (video+audio l/r)

Whats the point in using the video connections on the amp? The amp only has s-video and component input\outputs, does that mean I'll lose my RGB signal :( its not a problem tho really to me

Then I'll need speaker cable for MS-short 5.1 system, can u get it with the connectors on the end, the amp takes banana plugs, will the speakers take them aswell or not?

I need to get it done cheap, but not compromise on sound\video TOO MUCH

Any other extras I'll need

So i need to know all the cabling i'll need I don't have the faintest idea since there's so much stuff about.
Banana plugs are optional and a waste of money unless kit is moved around alot!
keep DVD as RGB on TV and use S-video for PS2, PC etc through amp. you can use a special scart lead for TV audio through amp see break out leads at lektropacks
will be fine as speaker cable.
optical digital for PS2 coax DVD and PC RCA lead (single) for sub and thats about it mate.
ok I understood all that except the audio from my tv using a scart cable, I couldn't find anything on lectropaks, will it make any difference, why not just use the 3.5mm headphone jack on the TV and plug it into the amp? Would I need an adaptor for that? just got a standard 3.5mm-3.6mm stereo cable?

amp only has 1 coax so's I'll just plug the dvd into the other digital socket.

Other than that all's well

I'm almost there this surely must be the last hurdle hopefully can order tonite.
BUGlead top of page, just make sure all internal pins are connnected.
Same page towards bottom for optical cables for PS2 and DVD
Headphone jack is amplified not line level and volume will depend on TV volume so not ideal.
That scart will take audio out of TV scart (av1 should emit sound from screen to scart for recording purposes so divert it to your amp for TV sound DVD etc via digital and PS2 etc via S-video switching on amp.
Right on, ordered the amp for £250 + Speaker package for £280

From Audiovisual.com

2 x OPTICAL TOS link cable 1m
@ £4.99 each 4 PS2+DVD2Amp
1 x Profigold PGD485 Digital Coaxial Cable
@ £19.99 each PC2Amp using spdif
1 x HQ S-VHS mini din to mini din plug 1m
@ £4.69 each - Amp2Svideo input on TV
1 x Bulk packed phono / Subwoofer cables 5m - Subwoofer cable

Speaker cable

30 metres of the stuff you mentioned £18

So the speakers can just accept this stuff with no male plug of any kind? And so can the Amp right?

Just over £600 inc p+p

I'm I paying over the odds for this or you think thats about right, seems alot of dough.

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