5.1 Speaker Package required


Just to add, the DVD player has Digital Outs via 1x Optical and 1x Coaxial, as well as having (what i assume to be analog) connections to plug in 5.1 speakers directly to the dvd player.

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Hi there,

Just a bit of info for you, unless your parents have an amplifier, then speakers alone will not be sufficient unless they are active types.
You see, the 5.1 outs on the DVD only output line level and need to be amplified (usually they are used when an "old generation" pro logic amp is used to get dolby digital / dts surround sound).
So unless you have an amp, you wont get any sound out of it.
You could use someting like an active set up that is normally used for PC use as long as it has either a digital input, or 5.1 analog inputs and hopefully some form of volume control.

Hope this helps,



Thanks for the info Graham, didn't realise that.

I thought I could buy a package where sub/amp were combined, so connection from dvd player to sub/amp is via optical or analog (one for each channel) and then the 5 speakers connect to the sub/amp.


I think the term I was looking for is Active-Subwoofer when i said "sub/amp".

So yeah, thinking about it i shouldn't need a seperate amp, otherwise how to the home cinema packages work as they don't come with amps.


Can some one please tell me if i'm correct with what i understand otherwise i'll be searching for something thats wrong or doesnt exist!

So as I understand it;

My dvd player has dolby 5.1 decoder built-in so it can split the channels and output each channel seprately - correct?
The dvd player has an optical out port so if i connect the dvd player to an active sub can speakers then be connected to the sub and will i get surround sound?

Thanks for any help.

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