5.1 Speaker package. Options for less than 1000 (with Onkyo 805)


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I settled on the Onkyo 805 a few weeks ago, and have finally come to an almost decision about which speakers to pair it up with ... the Canton CD202's (from the power buys here).

I've looked through over a dozen pages of threads in this forum over the past week or so trying to pick up tips for which speakers to plump for and have come up with the following options:

Canton Movie CD202 | £850 | Probably my #1 pick at the moment, only worry is that they look a bit "shiny plastic".
Mordaunt Short Alumni Black | £600 | Looks nice, assuming there's a grill that will mask the silver front (not a fan of silver at all)
Monitor Audio Radius | £1000|
Quad L-ite | £500| Can't find too many online stores selling them
BOWERS & WILKINS MT-20 | £1000 | Looks great, serious food for thought! (Thanks Andy98765)
SVS SBS-01 5.1 Speaker Package Inc SB12 Subwoofer ( Powerbuy ) | £800 |
Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom | £700 |

Ruled Out
- KEF 3005's -- I just don't like the styling to be honest
- KEF KHT5005.2 -- Love the satellite speaker design, but hate the design of the sub
- Tannoy SFX5.1 -- Looks cheap imo

Have I missed any obvious candidates? Money's not really an issue, but I'd like to keep the budget under £1000 for the speakers, ideally around £800 so I'm enough under budget to justify a PS3 too :) If anyone has any strong recommendations for one system over another, or one I've completely missed altogether I'd love to hear them before I make my final decision, I don't know enough about speakers to pick one setup over another on anything more than looks I'm afraid :thumbsdow

Edit: I guess the most important question I'd like answering is: "Are any of these systems significantly worse than the others so I can remove them from the possibles list on performance grounds before picking one based on nothing more scientific than it's looks?"

Edit: added other recommended systems


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What about the SVS from the powerbuy?


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What's your music/movie ratio?

I'd say the usage would be a 70:30 Gaming:Movies split.

I don't really play a lot of music in the living room at all, when I do it's generally on whilst I'm gaming. I mainly listen to music in the car and at work :)


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How big is your room? David's is a good question too. Couple to throw in the mix:-

What hi-fi rate the Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom.

SVS SBS-01 5.1 Speaker Package Inc SB12 Subwoofer

Pretty small, maybe this very simple diagram will help (hoping to buy our own place in the not too distant future, so hopefully will have a larger room to consider for the long term :)) ...

.. not really sure where I'm going to place the rear speakers, but looking forward to having that dilema at last :)


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Seeing as music isn't an issue, try the M&K K series. Compact, wider dispersion, and more detail than most equivalently priced speaker packages (even more expensive). But with the recommended option of the tripole K4's as rear speakers pulls them ahead of any close competition. As they fire in 3 directions rather than the 1 that most speakers do, they're ideal for your rear wall.

I use my home cinema system for games as well, and the M&K's really do make the most of busy games like Gears Of War and Halo, especially with the K4 rears producing a better rear soundfield than monopole speakers.


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Thanks for the all the tips folks, I've narrowed it down to a choice of 3 now and am leaning slightly towards the SVS SBS-01 package at the moment I think:

- Canton Movie CD202 ... £850
- Mordaunt Short Alumni Black ... £600
- SVS SBS-01 5.1 Speaker Package Inc SB12 Subwoofer ... £800

I'm hoping to see/hear the latter 2 in person over the next couple of weekends (haven't found anywhere that stocks Canton) -- all well under budget, so I'll splash out on some nice new speaker stands too :)

I hope I don't have to buy any more speakers anytime soon though, I'm much more at comfortable when I understand the products I'm buying. As much as I try I just don't get what makes one speaker "better" than the other and if it wasn't for these forums I'd be basing it entirely on the assumption that what costs more must be better :)


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I dont think you will find anywhere that stocks Cantons for a demo unfortunately.

The Alumni's can be had for £550 with a google as well. Just my 2p! :D


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If you can accomodate the larger box, then maybe consider the SVS set with the SB12-NSD as it goes lower and louder.


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Just a shame they dont have a high WAF.

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