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Hi there im looking for some advice on a 5.1 speaker package, also some help.
Im a bit of a audio noob and went into RicherSounds the other day to get an idea on prices etc, well ive decided on the Onkyo 605 (£399.95) amp as it will do the new HD audio.
The guy serving me wrote me out a quote and i dont really know if i need half this stuff.

Onkyo 605 (£399.95) - The amp i know i need that
Tannoy FX 5.1 (£169.95) - the speaker package. any good?
Gale Sym 100x20m (£13.80) - Dont know what this is?
Sublink 7.5m (£19.95) - Dont know this either?
Optical 0.75m (£19.95) - Belive this is the wire to connect speakers to amp?
Optical 0.75m (£19.95) - Yes he wrote it out again for some reason?
HDMI v1.3 (£49.95) - I know i dont need this as i can find mucbh cheaper cable everywhere

TOTAL = £693.50

Well i want to keeep my budget down as much as i can, im looking to get the amp all the cables i need and a 5.1 speaker package and keep it all under £700 if i can. (later ill buy 2 more speakers to make it 7.1 as thats what the amp supports) so if i took the speaker package and the HDMI cable out the total comes down to £473.60 so that leaves me with about £220 to spend on speakers, id like to keep it cheaper then that if i can.

Hopefully you guys can give me some good info, thanks alot.


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The Gale stuff is the speaker cable
The sublink will be an interconnect to connect the subwoofer to the amp (i guess!)
The optical leads are ways of passing digital audio from sources to the amp.. usually one from the DVD player and any other source... unsure why you need 2? The HDMI lead is very expensive and to be honest, given your amp can handle audio over HDMI i'm unsure why you've being quoted on an optical lead as you'd probably use that (provided your DVD player supports it)

Might be worth a look:



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The Tannoy is a good little speaker package but i would suggest you look at this deal http://www.petertyson.co.uk/ebuttonz/ebz_product_pages/mordaunt_short_avant_premiere.shtml it includes all the speaker cables you require + two stands. Do look at the spec of the speakers, they are very small and they come in silver or maple.
The optical leads would be to connect DVD, PS3, SKY+ or HD to the AV amp.

As for stepping up to 7.1, it is in my opinion a fianacial waste of time unless you have a very big room to install the system in, let alone what is produced in 7.1? Even HD DVD and Blu-ray with direct connections is only 5.1.


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So i just want to confirm.

The Onkyo 605 WILL do HD sound Dolby HD, lossless PCM etc?

and if i am connecting my PS3 to the AV with HDMI i wont need the optical cables?



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As i understand the Onkyo will do the HD audio systems but at present i don't believe HDMI etc can send the signal uncoded, so the player will have to do the decoding anyway... this may get resolved with firmware at some point.

It's a good future proof option but at the moment it appears to be largely pointless!!

I'm not familiar with how the PS3 works but you shouldn't need the optical lead no.


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If you do decide to go with that Tannoy 5.1 system, for starters you can knock £20 off the price by quoting the RS online price. In fact RS do a price match (including online stores). As long as you can find something in stock cheaper, they will match it.

That sublink is to connect the amp to the sub by the way


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Wel if your mind is made up to go with the Tannoys, just quote the RS online price to save you money.

I ended up getting the EFX speakers - the sub for the FX 5.1 was way too big for our tiny flat and my wife almost killed me. The EFX has an improved centre as well, and so far has been excellent.

I'd suggest shelling out a bit more for the EFX and get em here (free delivery and free stands)



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Amp and speakers are great for your budget, but their cabling prices are VERY expensive ie optical cables can be had for £5 and HDMI for £18 (both are digital so will give you the same performance as £100 versions) on TVCables.com.

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