5.1 Speaker Connection help.


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Hi. I'm new to surround sound speakers so could really use someones help.

I recently got these speakers for my birthday.

Auna 5.1 1200W Max Home Cinema System with Wireless Rear Speakers


As you can see they have a RCA input. I've been told i need 3 RCA cables to get it connected to a dvd player. The trouble is i only have a ps3 slim and an old tv which just has a scart and the 3 colour things that my ps3 plugs into.

Is there anyway i can connect these to either?

I was considering buying a new tv at some point but again would have no idea if that would work either. Maybe by an HDMI cable or something?

LG 42LD490 42-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LCD: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

Any help would be appreciated and i dont understand all the jargon either so if you could dumb it down too :D



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These speakers are designed for connecting to a DVD/Blu-ray player that has multi-channel analogue audio outputs on it. You'd have 6 individual RCA cables connected between the player and the speakers, not 3 (you may be talking about pairs of RCA cables though?).

In order to connect the PS3 to these speakers and get 5.1 sound you'd need some sort audio decoder. This would be to take the 5.1 signal from the PS3, and convert it to multi channel analogue so you can then connect to the speakers.

Something like this for example:

X-Tatic Sound Control Unit

You'd connect optical from the PS3 to the control unit. Then using 3x 3.5mm jack to stereo phono cables to connect it's output to the speakers.


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I really feel you have the wrong speakers for your application. You could get an AV reciever with preouts but these tend to be on higher models so will not be cheap (at least £300) and really deserve better speakers than those anyway. I know they are a gift but could you return them and put the money towards something more suitable?
To get the best sound from your PS3 on blurays (HD audio) you need to connect it via HDMI.


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I'm new to the board and have been banging my head against a wall trying to figure out how to connect my PC to these speakers. I really hope you can help. :)

I didn't create a new thread as this thread appears to have covered some groundwork on my question.

I'm running a Creative SB X-Fi Titanium sound card, it has these connections: http://img.creative.com/images/corporate/artwork/hires_PCIeX-FiTitanium.jpg

I don't know if mine is the "xtreme fidelity" version though.

The problem: no sound from rear (wireless) speakers.

The set-up:

From PC:
1. Lime/green jack - AUX cable to AUX-RCA, RCA connectors into FL/FR.
2. Orange jack - AUX cable to AUX-RCA, RCA connectors into SW/CEN.
3. Black jack - AUX cable to AUX-RCA, RCA connectors into SL/SR (no RL/RR??).

From subwoofer:
1. Cables correctly connected to wired speakers (FL/FR/CEN/SW all output sound).
2. Paired wireless rear speakers as per manual (turn on a rear speaker, then subwoofer, then wait 15 seconds, then turn off subwoofer and then repeat with the other rear speaker).

1. Updated Creative drivers - installed all available software.
2. Ensured Creative is set to output 5.1, no other settings tweaked.
3. Attempted to test individual speakers via Playback Devices > Configure Speakers = no sound from rear speakers.
4. Downloaded a file which outputs sound through 5.1 channels = no sound from rear speakers.

So after a big sigh, my questions are:
1. Am I doing it wrong?
2. Could the rear speakers be faulty?
3. Is an amp the only solution (assuming the rear speakers aren't faulty)?
4. As an aside, why doesn't the subwoofer have RL/RR? Instead it has SL/SR?

Sorry for the long post...

spyder viewer

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I assume you are using the same speakers as the OP. Can you provide an up to date link for the product used?
Some surround sound systems advocate that the "rear" speakers should be to the Side of the listening position not behind it.


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Hello again, after conversing with the seller, I have done the following:

Turned off/unplugged all equipment that emits a wireless signal and moved the rear speakers to 3 foot away from the subwoofer.

One of the rear speakers now connects wirelessly to the subwoofer. The other doesn't.

The one that doesn't, I suspect a power fault or receiver fault.

Plugged it into the same plug used by the working speaker and re-"paired" with the subwoofer - no sound.

Pfff, seller offered me a partial refund. Might need the money to get this speaker repaired if that's possible. :(


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FIXED - I had to literally lay the non-working rear speaker on it's back 2 inches away from the subwoofer before it would make a wireless connection. Unbelievable...

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