5.1 speaker advise - something nice looking :)

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Hey guys, i have a little bit of a home cinema project going on.

I on a very tight budget as i really don't wanna go down the same route as my hi-fi ( spending too much at first )

Ive kinda talked my self into 'cheap' separates.

I hate the look of all of these 5.1 satellites - the small cheap plasticy looking things - you know the kind.

I was looking to spend around £150 on the speakers and found these:

They're pretty cheap but fit the kind of thing im looking for.

does anyone have any first hand experience with them ? im seriously not expecting miracles for £130 but they mush be better than the speakers out of say and all in one box system?

I cant find any more info on them other than whats on the retailers website.

Next on the list of things i have looked at would be these:

And thirdly:
http://www.e-tropolis.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=AV-3029 Cherry

I have not decided on the amp yet as im going to do a little more research into this, but some of those speaker sets come with a receiver... bonus :)

Any advice? or am i totally barking up the wrong tree?


You get what you pay for and at the cheap end of the market it is better to stick with known brand names. The Sony SSP88 package at £140(ish) does not sound too bad for the money, when you consider it is priced at around what most of us pay for the centre speaker alone.

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