5.1 sound with music?


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Quick question people,

I am looking at getting the Yamaha 761 receiver or the Onkyo 605 (not sure yet) and pairing it with 5.1 speakers, namely Jamo A102HCS5 as the Tannoy EFX5.1's seem to be out of stock where they are cheap!

Now I am hooking up pc sound card (creative x-fi gamer) via multichannel out using 3x 3.5mm to 2xRCA cables. When I play music from onboard my computer will it come out of all the speakers, or just two as in stereo?

Similarly if I play a cd in my ps3 connected via hdmi will that be stereo or fake 5.1?

Finally if my sky+ box is connected by optical, will I get stereo or fake 5.1 on things like the football, music channels, radio stations?

Is it worth getting 5.1 or will I only here the benefits with DVDs and Blu Rays?

Thanks a lot, sorry if these are silly questions.

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