5.1 sound in a HT-Sky HD-LED TV setup


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Hi there! I don't speak English, so be lenient, please! :thumbsup:

Well...I searched around for a similar scenario but I couldn't find it, so here it goes: I have a Panasonic L42E30B TV, an LG HT805THW home theater and Sky HD (Dolby sound). Sky and HT are connected via HDMI on the TV. However, I only have any audio from Sky through the HT if I use an RCA cable (red and white), be it a TV-HT or a Sky-HT connection. I mean, shouldn't the Sky's audio be going from the TV to the HT via HDMI? Or do I have to buy and optical cable to connect the TV on the HT? Aw, yeah, I'd like 5.1, not stereo sound from Sky.

Thank you in advance!


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First off your english is far better than most on here.

Install an optical cable from the SKY box to the HT. You may have to enable digital out on the SKY box.


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Thanks for the heads up!

However, the Sky Slim box, as they call it, only have that RCA connector (orange) for digital sound, which is lacking in my HT. I would have to spend what would be like US$ 70-80 in cables and a converter for this to work. Since I have audio from Sky using the red and white cable from the TV, wouldn't I get 5.1 audio replacing it with an optical cable, wich both the TV and HT have? Or it would be emulated or something by the TV?



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Your TV supports ARC on HDMI , but your home theater does not , so that would not work in any case.

ARC works over any HDMI cable , but both amp and TV must support it.

Regardless , SkyHD only does stereo over HDMI , so ARC wouldnt do what you want even if amp and TV both supported ARC.

From what I can gather from google , your home theater only has a stereo RCA input for audio , no optical input only an output , so the way you are connecting now is the only way you can connect , and with that unit , your not going to get 5.1 from Sky.


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Your HT system according to LG has.

SCART connection Yes
AUX input Yes
Portable 3.5mm jack inout Yes
HDMI Out Yes
Composite Out Yes
Component Out Yes
Digital (optical) input Yes

It is a shame your SKY HD box does not have optical out.
In the first instance I would suggest getting an optical cable and trying it between the TV and the HT. If you still only get 2.0 then you could get a digital co-ax to optical converter to connect the SKY BOX to the HT.
Coaxial to Optical Digital Signal Convertor : Digital Audio : Maplin Electronics

Personally I would be calling SKY and telling them their new box is not suitable and you want one with a optical out.

P.S. I believe from other posts that the new SKYHD boxes can do 5.1 via HDMI.


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Yeah, it's a shame, to say the least and be polite. Well, those are the options I've already narrowed it down anyway.

Thank you very much, man!

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