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hey all

just a quick question on the placement of my rears on a 5.1 setup.

first photo or second photo is correct placement?


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Technically neither is correct. Although you can have the speakers as they are in your first image it is better to have them angled/toed in towards the primary listening position rather than firing at 90° perpendicular or in parallel to the walls.

This may help you with the placement:
Dolby Home Theater Speaker Placement and Setup Guide

The rears and back speakers also work better if placed higher up than the front speakers. It is suggested to try to place them abour 2m up from floor. This is obviously not practical in your case if using floorstanders for surround duties. The height helps prevent the speakers from becoming too directional helping to disperse the rear effects.
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Agreed on all counts - they're not really suitable for rears - or sides - and they need to be angled inwards.


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Ah ok mate, well it`s a lovely looking Scape, is that a pair of mp-10`s or 40`s on there?



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Thank you, currently running mp40 and mp10...had two mp10 before but wasn't enough power for a SPS tank

Tank just had a big crash while I was alway, looks pretty colorless and died at the moment but it is coming back super slowly


On Topic please.


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At some point cosmetics need to take over for a living room or non-dedicated theater. I would place them correctly during a movie, then place them in a way that looks pleasing to the eye at all other times. But if your asking which is correct for strictly 5.1 setup then listen to the above comments. By the way, those are very nice rear speakers.

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