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I am just wondering if I could get actuall 5.1 into my set up from my xbox. Just curious.

Anyway, I have some logitech x530 I use for PC gamig and watching movies. I use it on my laptop so I have a USB sound card: Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 | Creative Labs Online Store

For movies, I use VGA to the TV for the video, and the sound goes into the USB soundcard that then outputs the sound via 3xmini jack to the speakers.

I was just wondering if I could get all 6 channels from the Xbox into the speakers via the 3xmini jack.

Right now I have a little convertor that converts the 2xRCA into the 3xmini jack. Of course, this gets all the speakers playing sound, just in 2 channels, so the sound at the back is repeated on the front.

As I am not a audiophile and just using this is my room at college it is fine. I was just curious if there was a little convertor or something I could buy to get 6 channels.

The Xbox can output via toslink, so is there like a toslink to 3xmini jack? or maybe I could get it to 1xmini jack then plyg that into my usb sound card?

I am no so sure about these things, maybe it wont work at all and I would need new speakers if I wanted 5.1 on them.



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What you need is a decoder for the surround sound. This is normally achieved using an av receiver but this will most likely not have the output you require for your speakers. I also suspect it will cost more than you will be willing to spend or that your current speakers deserve. If your pc has an optical input and can be set to decode the surround sound format then this could work. A post in the pc section may give a better response for that.
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