5.1 S/PDIF passthrough problems


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I've searched the the web and this forum but can't come up with a solution to my problem.

Using a full version of WinDVD 6 I had no problem in using the S/PDIF passthough to get 5.1 to my Amp however when playing a DVD through MCE it only comes out in 2-Channel.

On checking the Audio settings in MCE a WinDVD screen pops up but the S/PDIF is greyed out and not selectable. I then installed teh trial of WinDVD 7 (long story short - crashed on install, killed all dvd players since.. so did a format)

So now on a fresh install and I've tried the NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder but still no 5.1 S/PDIF passthrough although it is set in the MCE settings.

Yesterday when playing through WinDVD 6 I had to select the 5.1 audio stream manually as that seemed to default to the 2-Channel.. but there doesnt seem to be anyway of changing audio streams via MCE as you would do on a normal DVD player.

Can anyone help me?

Its an Asus Pundit R300 with SoundMax Digital Intergrated audio (S/PDIF to SONY Amp)
and as I say can get it to work outside of Media Center.

Also tried the NVIDIA reg fix which as suspected didnt to anything as its for analogue.


Ah on the purevideo trial page there was mention of a sound patch you need to run after you do the speaker set up in mce after instaling the purevidoe decoder.
Maybe that will help.


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There seems to be an incompatibility between certain audio chipsets (or rather their drivers) & MCE. It's a problem that comes up over & over again. MCE insists on downsampling 5.1 to stereo. Sometimes it is sufficient to reset 5.1 output every time you use MCE. Other times the only solution is to get a soundcard that does work.


I had all kinds of problems getting DD/DTS to work until I installed AC3filter:


It's open source, so free - try the latest alpha release (1.09a).

It has many other features too - I use it to convert Microsoft's 5.1 sound format into DD which can then be passed to my amp via an optical cable (useful for those Microsoft HD demos, and for some HD movies that have appeared on the net - e.g. Fith Element in WMV format).


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Thanks for your replies guys.

Huxley: I did try the patch even though it is only for analogue and as suspected it didnt work.

nigelbb: Yes after hours of reading it seems to be the soundcard driver issues thats the cause of the problem... I've now tried a number of fixes with no success.

monopole: I tried the AC3filter and although some people have reported success, it didnt work for me :(

I'll keep trying for a week but i've got my eye on a new system come payday.

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