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Question 5.1 receiver as stereo wiring all 4 channels


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I have an old 5.1 receiver that is 85w per channel ( no biwire or biamp settings ) that has an all channel stereo setting. I also have two yamaha ns-777 which are rated 100w nominal and 250w max. Now can I wire both front left/back left to the left speaker and so with the right and set the reciever always on "All Channels stereo" and get the max power without problems? I do not need or want 5.1 in this setup. If it is possible to do so, will I loose quality of sound or are there any downsides?


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If I've understood you, you're thinking of paralleling both front and rear outputs to drive the same speaker?

If the speaker has bi-wiring connections which keeps two sets of inputs separate, then you can, but I don't think the NS-777 offer that. So I wouldn't connect the outputs of two amplifiers to the same speaker inputs. I doubt it would damage the amplifiers or speakers, but you could end up with unpredictable results.

Don Dadda

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It would us help more if you tell us the make model of the amp?
What are you looking to improve or just though about trying it?

Going by interweb, which you can.confirm, the ns777 are biwireable/amping and as tboy said, it can be done which if I am correct, is bi amping.

Whether or not it brings much improvement I can't say but will definitely cost more due to the expense of the extra cabling. However, Would rather bi amp than bi wire as that is more beneficial.

Are you not getting max from the amp with it set to all stereo anyway?


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Indeed we need to know the specific equipment you have.

If you are determined to just have two speakers, then just run the front channels in Stereo.

They Yamaha NS-777 are pretty substantial speakers. There is really no benefit to running the rear channels.



2x8" bass drivers, response down to 30hz.

Also you can't be sure the rear channels are playing full range stereo. When you run in all channel Stereo mode, the amp assumes you have a 5.1 Surround sound system and it decides exactly what it is going to send to each channel to create All-Channel Stereo. So, while there is room for speculation, we can't really know what goes to those rear/side channels.

Just use the amp in Stereo, that's good enough.

If you are determined to have Stereo, then save up your money and buy a good Stereo Amp.

Such as these -

Yamaha AS501 85w/ch Integrated Amp with DAC - £218 -

Superfi - Yamaha AS501 Amplifier with DAC

Yamaha RN500 AM/FM Network Receiver, 80w/ch, DAC, Network Streaming - £309 -
Superfi - Yamaha RN500 Networked Receiver

These are quality amps that are not going to break the bank and the Yamaha RN500 has Network Streaming capability.

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