5.1 : rear speakers to the sides or corners?


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Hi all,

I'm a little confused about speaker placement.
Most online sources say that for a 5.1 setup the rear speakers should be to the side then others say behind you in the corners of your room.
5.1 Home Theater System: Your Home Theater Design
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I have standard satellite speakers not bipolar/dipole ones.

I can choose any of the above 2 speaker placements. Please find attached 2 photos of the left and right hand side of the rear of my room.
I have labelled each pic with 1 and 2.
1 being speakers in the corner and 2 being on the side.

In the right hand side of the room there isn't a corner as such, its a hollow plaster board pillar. I'm a little hesitant to attach a 3.6kg speaker to this incase it drop down on someone as this area is a common area for the family and it's a children's play area.

The other option of having the speaker on the side is not so wife friendly (she grumbled a bit) as the speaker will be close to the curtains.

Also my sofa (listening position) is against the wall in the corner of the room but can be moved forward by 50cm to 100cm

Either way, what option did you choose for your 5.1 setup?
What are the pros and cons?




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Thanks for the link. I'll go with option 1 with the speakers angled inwards. I hope the plaster board holds the speaker.
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