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5.1 package for first setup


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Good evening ladies and gents. Hope you all had a nice bank holiday!
I am looking to enter the world of surround sound in the next couple of months (house move) and wanted some advice. I will be listening to some of the packages I have looked at as I know I should, but probably not all of them and was hoping you kind people could fill in the gaps for me. My room is 5m x 3.5m and I have looked at the QAcoustics 1010i 5.1 system (£449.00), the Quad Lite 5.1 system (about £465 is memory serves), Canton 150 (£445.00) and have also had some Klipsch speakers mentioned to me. Amp will be an Onkyo 506 or 606 depending how much I save in the next 8 weeks!
Not overly bothered about musical ability as have separate system for that.
Do like my bass however, but unsure as to which system provides the best.
I will be able to listen to the qacoustics and the quads judging by shops near me, but perhaps not the others. Anyone care to offer some advice or have any experience of the above packages to share? Thanks in advance peeps!:thumbsup:


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Not overly bothered about musical ability as have separate system for that.
Then, I would go for the Klipsch. They really have an incredible fun factor without sacrificing too much sound quality. Just buy the speakers, and ask in the subwoofer forum for a good sub, it does not need to be from the same make.

If I had two separate rooms for music and home cinema, I'd get the Klipsch for the cinema. I actually plan to get some for the bedroom at some point :devil: But somehow, all my budget goes always invested into the main system :suicide:


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I've not heard the Klipsch ones before. Do you know how they compare to the other makes listed? Budget is around the £500 mark all in (speakers and sub).
Could stretch it a little I suppose, but I'm a Yorkshire man at heart!

Smiffy 2

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If you can stretch your Yorkshire ££££'s a little bit more, the Aego T package can be had for £599.00.
I know I'm going to be a little bit biased :)rolleyes:) but have just bought this system and it sounds awesome.
Loads of bass (the storm scene in Master and Commander had the whole bloody house shaking the other night) good build quality and they sound really superb "musically" too.
Would recommend (but then I would, wouldn't I?)


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If you can stretch your Yorkshire ££££'s a little bit more, the Aego T package can be had for £599.00.

Well, if they fit in with the decor, you can get them in white for £399 here

Otherwise i wholeheartedly recommend the Lites. Found here in Rosewood for £465. A great package with a fab sub.

A nice choice to have.


I've got a system that has been hacked to pieces due to my girlfriend taking over my place. I've looked into a lot of systems and the one I like most (and wish I has the funds to go out and buy) is the Mordaunt Short's Genie 5.1 system. Looks a big p-ugly without the protectors on but very sweet with them on.

They've recieve 5-Star awards from a bunch of different people and if you check out eBay you can get a brand new set for about £350!


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Yorkshire? You must get a castle compact set, then ;)

I don't know how sound the other sets you mention, I just said klipsch because you have a separate stereo system, and that's the way I'd go. They are just so much fun!

The best advice is go and listen to them, I am afraid...


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I'd go for Canton - have just bought the CD102 5.1 System - absolutely tops. Sounds great and very high WAF :clap:! Fab bass as well !!


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