5.1 or 6.1? speaker placement question.

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by sk4nky, Sep 3, 2004.

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    Aug 30, 2004
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    at the moment im using a yamaha rx-v450 with the following speakers:
    - wharfedale diamond 8.3 (front)
    - wharfedale diamond center
    - wharfedale s500 (surround left/right)

    ive just brought a pair of wharfedale wh2 bipolar surround speakers to go to 6.1 setup, but can i get some opinions on whether a 5.1 or 6.1 speaker layout would be better for my room.

    take a look at the crudely (its a rush job before i head off to work today!) drawn pic ive attached, the red blocks are the front/center speakers and where the tv is. the green block is where my sofa is and to the blue left/right are the s500's as rears i have set up at the mo, you'll notice that they are facing into a wall and not pointing at the sofa to disperse the sound better due to not being actually able to put them behind me and also the shape of the room on the left side not allowing me to mount the speaker in exactly the same position as the SR.

    the red arrows is the direction the speakers are facing.

    these are the only places the speakers can go due to other obstacles in the room so i cant move the SR forward a bit to be inline with SL, though i wouldnt want to unless i had a SB..

    option 1: would it be better if i moved the s500 (currently rears) next to the diamond8.3's (front) and set them up on the B channel on my yamaha and use both channels at the same time, the yamaha receiver can do this apparently, never tried it though! and use the wh2's where the s500's currently are.

    option 2: or, setting up one of the wh2's above the seating position for a 6.1 set up and leave the other speakers where they are.

    option 3: replace the left surround with a wh2 and add a wh2 rear center and leave the surround right as a s500?

    opinions on whats the best way of doing this and why please, thanks!

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