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Close to pressing the button. I'm thinking nr609 £379 +q accoustic Home AV Direct: LCD TVs | Plasma TVs | Blue Ray & DVD Players | DAB radios and more (£339 from av direct, this seems cheap, should i be wary, am I missing something?).

I want a system which will sound as good at playing music as Cinema surround sound for sub £750, is this the best combo. I don't want to go down the route of true floor standers and aff bit by bit as I'll get all anal about it and want cm8s etc. So something satisfactory which is a good compromise is what I'm after.

Any thoughts?


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Check and see if you can get the same set of speakers but with Q-A 2020 in front instead of the smaller 2010.

Overall, this is a well liked speaker system, and the price is certainly attractive.

I can think of alternative speaker packages, but none that will come in at that low price. If you are determined to keep your budget under £350, then I can't think of much, but if you can push your budget up higher, there are some options.



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Somewhat of a sidways step would be the Wharfedale Diamond 10 line. The basic package similar to the Q-A 2000 would be around £399 in its most basic form -


But even with this system I would recommend you change the front speakers to minimum Diamond 10.1. The Diamond 10.1 is a full range speaker that is capable of standing on its own as a stereo speaker, and that, for me, is important.

If you look at the frequency response of the Q Acoustic 2010 and 2020, it is down in the 60hz range. That is adequate, but just adequate. In a movie system with a Sub, that doesn't matter at all. But, in a more music oriented system I personally like the front speakers to be able to stand nicely on their own as music speaker. Again, the general quality of the Q-A is good, and the low frequency response of the front speakers is adequate.

If you have significantly more money, then consider the Monitor Audio BX1, which goes deeper than the Wharfedale Diamond 10.1. These are roughly the same price, but when fleshed out into a full 5.1 system, can be on the expensive side. You could make some changes to a full Monitor Audio 5.1 by changing the subwoofer and the rear speakers, and make the price a little more manageable.

Again, it depends on how predominately you will use this system for music. The Q-A are adequate, so if music is not a top priority, they should work fine. However, if music is very important, I would consider other possibilities with focus on more full range front speakers.

I feel I'm being too hard on the Q Acoustic, and am letting my own preferences come into my responses. The speaker on my computer have 5" bass drivers and respond down to about 64hz, music sounds fine for the casual less serious listening I do on my computer. But my main stereo speaker, that I use for more serious listening go down a trace below 30hz. So, speakers like the Q-A can do a decent job for music within certain boundaries. The Wharfedale generally go a bit lower, and the Monitor Audio go lower still. And keep in mind, how low a speaker goes is very different from how much bass you perceive. Usually on small speakers there is a peak in the bass response to create the illusion that the bass goes lower than it does. That's not actually cheating, that is simply a design technique that balances off the smaller woofer with the easy to produce high frequencies. Notice that even very large speakers with twin 8" bass drivers, still only use a 1 inch tweeter.

So again, you wants and needs carry huge weight, and those that have the Q-A 2000 system seem very pleased with them, and further, you've found an extremely attractive price on these speakers. A quick search indicate prices between £399 and £499 are more typical with a few of the Q-A 2000 system selling for closer to £600.

In much larger speakers, you can get a Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 plus the SW150 Subwoofer for £230, and an additional pair of Diamond 9.1 for about £120, for a pretty nice 4.1 system fro about £360. That only leaves the Center speaker. The Diamond 9.CC or 9.CS Centers are near impossible to find unless you can find a used one on Ebay, but you can get the newer Diamond 10.CC and 10.CS for £100 and £150 respectively, and you could add them as a future upgrade.

Even the Diamond 9.1 + SW150 could be combined with the Diamond 10.1 and Diamond 10.CC speakers and it would break down like this -

£230 = Diamond 9.1 + SW150 (rear and Sub)
£160 = Diamond 10.1 (front)
£100 = Diamond 10.CC (Center)
£490 = Total

Price are typical, and you might find better if you should around a bit, or use Google-UK Shopping search.

Home AV Direct currently has the much larger Diamond 10.2 for only £159/pr, unless it is a mistake, and they have the Diamond 10.CC center for £89, and the Diamond 10.1 for £139/pr -

Home AV Direct: LCD TVs | Plasma TVs | Blue Ray & DVD Players | DAB radios and more

I'm assuming these prices are per pair.

If the price are correct, and are for a pair of speakers, then you could have a system with the larger Diamond 10.2 in front, and probably even the larger 10.CS center, and still come in at roughly the price show in the listed system above. The Diamond 10.2 has a 6.5" bass driver in a slightly larger cabinet with bass response down to 40hz, which is about as good as it gets in a bookshelf speaker.

In addition, they have the Denon 1912 AV receiver at a very attractive £279.

I've not done business with them, but they seem a legitimate company and are located in Hayes, Middlesex. Give them a call to verify the prices, and order on the phone or on-line. If you feels so inclined.

Does that help?

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Wow, what a great response, detailed and informative, it certainly gives me something to think about, thank you for taking the time and happy new year!.
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