5.1 "fronts" advice needed please


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Evening all,
Pretty new to this "serious" AV stuff (talk about learning "right angle") so please be gentle if I talk rubbish.:lease:

I need some advice on speakers to go with my current equipment. I know I will have to go and listen to a few pairs and decide what I like but I am hoping for some pointers of where to start and perhaps some to avoid.
I'm after a pair of "fronts" to go with a pair of Monitor Audio Radius 90 rears, they will all be driven by a Yamaha XRV640 amp and a Yamaha SW 800 sub (not sure if they're any good but it's what I've got for now).
From reading the forum it's apparent that some makes of speaker go better with some amps so I guess thats important. Oh budget £350 - £400 ish
Thanks for reading.


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Stick with the MA radius range and depending on budget and size of speaker required, try the

R270s, R250s, R225s, R180s and of course if you are wanting to go for very small speakers all around with just a sub to fill the bottom some more R90s

Ideally you want a centre speaker for dialogue so factor in for a combination of Left Right and centre

Here's a link for comparison purposes




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Cheers for the quick reply Bob,
will be using an original Aegis centre for now. I must admit I liked the look of the 270's but wante to do a little homework before I jump.

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