5.1 from old non HDMI 360, with my new amp?


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Wayne00 said:
How do I go about getting 5.1 from my old 360 with no HDMI ports?

My new amp is the Onkyo TX-NR509 which has all these imputs: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/8114qKKHgQL._AA1500_.jpg

Many thanks :)

You will need an optical cable, one end plugs into the 360 cable:


The other into an optical input on the amp, along with the red, green and blue component connections. You will need to assign the correct input on the amp for borh, and change audio settings on 360 to Dolby 5.1


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The arrow on that pic is pointing at the TV/HDTV switch. Just to avoid any confusion, the optical cable would connect to the small black square port which you can see on the back of the grey connector. It will glow red (caused by the optical signal itself) when the console is switched on so it should be easily identified.

If you can't see an optical port on the connector of your A/V cable, you will need to upgrade to another one. Some basic versions of the console were only supplied with a composite cable which has no optical out port.

The video output doesn't necessarily need to be connected through the amplifier. It can still be connected direct to the TV.

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