5.1 DD+ or 7.1 DPLiix?


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Hi all,

I had a query about whether I should use a 7.1 speaker arrangement in my theatre setup or just stick to 5.1.

I currently have enough speakers for a 7.1 arrangement using a Harman Kardon AVR 171 receiver and I have 1-1.5metre space behind the seating position to place rear surrounds.

My question is whether the sound will be better (or worth it) when most content is only 5.1 and so it will all be upscaled with Dolby Pro Logic iix from the 5.1 signal to 7.1. Or would the audio experience actually be better just to stick to 5.1 speaker arrangement with native Dolby Digital +

Any advice/opinions appreciated please? Thanks.


Pro Logic will use all those speakers available to it and will 'spread', for want of a better word, the audio destined for the surrounds to include the rear surrounds. If you have a blu ray player then there are a few discs available with a native 7.1 track. I think it will certainly improve your overall enjoyment.

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