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5.1 connections


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Hi I dont want to open a can of worms but I have just ordered a Denon dvd1920 with the 5.1 connection by 6 cables would this be the best way to connect to my Yamaha rxv2400? I did check back on the forum but no luck.:lease:


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I would suggest using either optical or coaxial for the connection, thus allowing the Yam to do the decoding. Rather than letting the Denon decode then sending the decoded signal via the 6 phono's to the amp.

As for choosing either optical or coaxial, well its up to you, since they are both digital connections. I prefer coaxial, simply due to it being more substantial than optical.

The Denon and Yam should have a digital coaxial connection on the back....thats the one you want for coax, or one of the small optical sockets for optical.

Dont worry about spending to much on a cable, especially if you decide to use optical, less than £5-£10 will be fine.

Digital Coaxial





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I too would go for the Coax, personal preference I know, but I found the sound a bit warmer too (maybe). Bought the IXOS XHD-608-100 from Auidiovisualonline to connect my Panasonic DVD S97 to Denon AVR1906, it's a fantastic sound.


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I would go with co-ax as well as I've had my optical connections on my Amp fail on me during the summer with the heat. No trouble with the co-ax. The cables are better built and although I can't really compare the difference between co-ax on my DVD and optical on the likes of an Xbox is night and day. Hence, I only use optical if I have to. I use profigold co-ax from audiovisualonline and the quality and sound is superb and they only cost about a tenner.

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