5.1 choice, spend more or less?


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hmpf my head is spinning with choices but oddly enough i seem to be down to

Jamo A102 HCS5 £230

so i'm resonably happy that i'm down to a small choice but the price difference seems so much (relative to each other) which is bugging me, is there a big difference in quality between these?

they will be used 90% for tv/film.

i just think i'll always be bugged if i got the Jamo's, knowing that the KH's could be much better.

if anyone can offer any opinions then that would be great :)


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The thing about the Hardman Kardons is that it looks like all the satellites are the same box whereas the Jamos have much smaller satellites compared to the center AND the Harmans.

If it's not going to sting your pocket too much, I'd go for the Harmans otherwise by the time the cost is long forgotten, you'll probably still be wondering "what if?"

Just a thought,



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aye for sure.

i guess this was a last check to see if someone would post "the jamos are way better than everything under £400, go for it", which seemed unlikely anyway.

as for the rest i just don't like the look of the tannoys or kefs, silver HKs, and thought the extra £50 or whatever over the HK7s would be worth trading for the HK11s.


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in a way yes... if they were black i would have bought them already. like i said above i just don't like the look of the silver hks, call me crazy even saving that amount of money. hmpf maybe i can paint them :rotfl:


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Some 'turps' might come in handy.:D

Seriusly look as though they are good quality speakers for a bargain price and HK quality.


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