5.1 amp with scarts

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Nov 30, 2003
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what are the options for an 5.1 amp that will do video switching too, via scart - at least two items would be rgb, so would want that rather than composite, and don't have component.

The only one I have found is the pioneer 301 / 501 range.
I think the Pioneer C 501S has RGB Scarts and four of them at that !

see here : Pioneer C501S

EDIT : Oooops, just read the last sentence of your post - Doh :clown:

Looking for an AV Amp with SCART inputs will give you a very small list of possible contenders.

If budget allows you would be better to chain your two RGB devices together (one or both of them will have two SCART sockets) and then add a JS Technology RGB2YUV converter plus cables; you now have one YUV Component output and not two SCART RGB outputs.

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