5.1.2 speaker placement constraint


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I have searched speaker placement but can’t seem to answer my question about dipole rears and 5.1.2.

I have quite good quality (chord rumour II) speaker cables chased into my walls but in my infinite wisdom I had them very high (original thought was away from our 1yr olds hands) but on reflection they were too high. Especially as the centre is up there too.

My thinking is to now re-purpose them for ATMOS front heights.

I am limited to bookshelf speakers for Fronts but this time a more sensible height.

Rears are currently dipole (mission 78 series)

Thinking of the following so far:-
Klipsch 500M (poss 600M) book shelves
Klipsch PRO-24RW - in wall centre
Klipsch ATMOS heights
REL T7i sub

Rears are the big question... my sofa is a corner sofa and against the back wall. Current dipoles are nicely chased into the wall about 12” above head height. Should I be moving away from dipoles? Original thought was the Klipsch RP-402S.

Is it even worth going ATMOS?


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