5.1.2 Height Speaker assignment for NAD T778 Advice needed


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I have a 5.1.2 system and a new NAD T778 that I'm setting up for Atmos. The speaker setup allows the height speakers to be setup as front, middle or rear.
The question I have is that for Dolby Atmos sound tracks, is there a default height channel the sound is referred to. (ie front or middle or rear)?
The confusion is that the Dobly default for 5.1.2 is for front height speakers whereas for my situation the height speakers are over my listening position (middle)
and hence should I set up the height speaker location as front.
Or, is this irrelevant if any height sounds are referred to the only active height channels present regardless of their location setup in the NAD?.

Many Thanks for any clarity you can provide.


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If the NAD allows you to (I own a Denon), I'd assign them as top middle. Denon allows this.

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