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5.1.2 Atmos or 7.1 for my room?


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Hey, currently in the process of converting our garage to a lounge/cinema room and deciding how best to setup the audio. These are the speakers I have:
  • Kef iQ6C
  • Kef iQ1 x 2
  • Kef iQ5 x2
  • Kef iQ8DS x2 (dipole speakers)
The room is longer than it is wide, and the sofa will most like have to be against the back wall (at the request of the Mrs!). I've tried to sketch out a few speaker layouts, the main question I have is whether to use the iQ1 as rears or the iQ8DS dipoles?

My original idea was to go with a 7.1 setup and use the dipoles as surround speakers, with the iQ1's as rears but after looking into Atmos more I quite like the idea of using 2 ceiling speakers for Atmos support, but I've heard mixed opinions on using dipoles with Atmos.

Any thoughts?


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Your room, with the sofa being against the rear wall, would not suit a 7.1 layout. For that layout to be effective you would need at least a metre between the back of the sofa and the wall. A 5.1.2 layout would, in my opinion, be far more immersive than a base 7.1 anyway. In the 5.1.2 I would use the dipoles on the rear wall.


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Thanks Gibbsy. In my previous room I was using the dipoles to the side of my listening position (no back wall to put them on).

My only other concern using the dipoles is how far they should be from the corners of the back wall and side walls? I assume I don't want them tucked into the corners tightly?


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Just to follow up on this a bit more, I've been having a look at recommendation for my specific speakers (the iQ8ds) and whilst they are dipole they are both set to be out of phase – there is no specific in/out of phase side to them.

The recommendation also appears to be to use them on side walls only – anyone have experience using these on the back wall?



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I'd be interested in this as well I would have thought the dipoles would be good in the back wall

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