5.0 speakers (2 tower + 2 bookshelf + center) within $1000


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Hi everyone,
I am new here and I would like to build a 5.0 system (and later on add a subwoofer bringing it to 5.1). Which set of speakers do you recommend having a budget of $1000.
On the other hand, what do you recommend as a 5.1 withiin $1000.
I am lost..where would you put more money? The sub? The center channel? the towers..?
My use would be primarily movies (70% of the time; I have an ust projector) and listening to the music (30% of the time via Spotify). My receiver is a Denon s760h.
Thanks a million in advance for your precious support.


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Hi! How large room you have and viewing distance from tv to listeners?

As you live in US i would be considering SVS Prime system cause they have 45-day home trial option with free shipping and free returns. They are super popular there. SVS is generally more known from subwoofers since 90s, but they do make good speakers aswell with a 3-way center channel which is not something you often see in this price range.

If you have ~medium sized room then this Bookshelf 5.0 system would be quite ideal if you can bump the budget up slightly. You would need to buy pair of 23,6" tall speaker stands used or some cheap ones for the front mains:

For a small room the Satellite system could be ideal and this also comes with very good compact sized sealed subwoofer.

Read the bills of rights and you understand why SVS is so popular in US. Support/service is highly praised.

If you buy the system without subwoofer you have plenty of options starting from HSU Research, Monoprice Monolith THX and SVS 1000 Pro range assuming you looking 500-600$ region which ideally should be minium what to spend for sub cause the cheap ones are usually crap!


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Mission LX5 or LX6 mark 2 (the latter being true 3 way speakers)
Mission LX 3D (these are versatile and can be used for rears, sides or atmos duties)
Mission LX centre

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