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4x4 matrix + splitters at the ends - will it work?


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Ok so a complete HDMI distribution n00b here.. Here's my setup:

Just bought a house which is in 3 levels and I need video and music in 5 zones, namely lounge, kitchen, bedroom, upstairs study and basement (gym/laundry). Additionally some of these zones will have 2 displays (projector + tv upstairs and 2 tvs in the basement). I will remodel but not tear down walls etc and there is a possibility to replace wiring such as telephone cables with cat5e/6 which I'll do as much as possible.

My idea from a bit of googling is to combine 2 of the 5 zones (bedroom + kitchen) to get 4 output zones for now and then slap a 4x4 matrix cat5/6 on it. All sources upscale to and sinks consume 1080p.

I have no need for 3D. If there will be 3D, it will be in a single zone only (upstairs) with a dedicated BD player is my thinking. Similarly, stereo LPCM sound is enough for all zones fed through the matrix.

My big question is (finally), can I put 1->2 amps/switches and AVRs at the matrix extenders or will this screw up EDID etc? Example config:

4x4 matrix feeding 4 sinks:
1) AVR in the lounge, with 1 HDMI output to a TV
2) HDMI 1->2 splitter to feed TVs in bedroom and kitchen with same signal
3) AVR upstairs, with 2 HDMI outputs (TV and projector) and separate BD for 3D
4) HDMI 1->2 splitter in the basement to feed 2x TVs

So will this type of config work?

I don't want to sink money into a current 8x8 or 4x8 switch especially since HDbaseT seems to be the coming thing but products aren't here yet. If they are coming RSN - and affordable - let me know. I want to have this setup running during the summer, August at the latest so there's maybe time to get on the HDbaseT bandwagon. Single cat6 runs would be a definite bonus and save me lots of pain as there are single cat5e runs already done around the house.

And to add to this configuration misery, I want music. Not sure how easily it would mix with the HDMI matrix (feeding music from Apple TV hdmi for example as one source) or if I should just get a separate system like Sonos for it. Sonos just seems overkill as we usually have just one music playing and the receivers (zone players) are not made for hiding.. Also if I'm installing good speakers in the zones they should be shared for video feeds as well (will probably be active speakers).

Ok braindump complete, tear it apart :)

Joe Fernand

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All possible with a bit of careful planning and choice of kit and the understating that without an off-site ‘pre build’ (rare these days) you may hit a few glitches that need ironed out at the install stage.

HDbaseT, 8x8 and budget conscious don’t go together – currently you’re looking at around 10K for such a beast!!!

Sonos is brilliant and will revolutionise how you and the family enjoy/consume audio media – the one drawback in a multi zone system with video integration is the lack of an audio/video sync feature!


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