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Hello AV Forums,

I am new to this forum and wanted to get some advice for my new house that is currently under construction.

I have attached a diagram for my whole house AV, data network and security for reference. I will be doing all of the pre-wiring (with help of course) before the drywall is up but wanted to get opinions on my plans to make sure I did not miss anything and get recommendations on some items I have not made a decision on yet.

The only items I do not currently own are the Ubiquiti network components, HTD Lync 12 WHA system, and the 4x4 HDMI matrix. After extensive research, I picked HTD for the WHA since it met of all my requirements at a very good price. However, am I am open to other options if anyone has any suggestions.

My search for a 4x4 HDMI matrix has proven to be more challenging due to the myriad options with drastically different price points. Ideally I would go with a 6x6 4k HDBaseT HDMI matrix but that is a little out of my budget. However, I will consider it in the near future when I need to add more video sources and TVs. In the meantime I believe I have narrowed down to a few models with the 4th option as an interim solution since it comes in at less than $1k and the only 4k content I will be watching will be streamed from apps in my Sony 70" 4k TV in the great room (i.e. not going through the matrix).

1. HDAnywhere MHUB 4K PRO (4X4) - MHUB4K44PRO
2. KanexPro 4K HDBaseT 4x4 Matrix - MX-HDBASE4X4-4K
3. Wyrestorm 4x4 HDBaseT 4K Matrix - MX-0404-HDBT-H2-KIT
4. Spider Extend by Sewell 4x4 HDMI Matrix - SW-32912

The Sewell matrix does not support ARC for smart TV content but I can easily run an optical Toslink cable from the great room to the equipment hub location. It is also the only matrix that does not support 4k but that is not a deal breaker for me since none of my sources provide 4k content, three of my TVs are not currently 4k capable and lastly 4k content is scarce to say the least.

The last item I am looking for a recommendation is what to use for control. I have been using Logitech Harmony remotes and leaning toward that but also considering using HTD's Valet Home Control. Any other suggestions or recommendations for control, WHA and HDMI matrix would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


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WHA - I don't know the HTD kit (it being 100% DIY and likely 99% US only).

WHA - note it requires an Analogue Stereo Input from your Central and Distributed Source devices, many Source devices lack Analogue Outputs these days.

WHA - as soon as you separate Video and Audio signals you can run into sync issues. Video usually takes longer than audio to process - does the HTD system offer you any for of user adjustable delay for each 'TV' Zone?

Multi-channel audio - how do you plan to deliver HD or non-HD multi-channel audio to the Great Room and simultaneously deliver Stereo audio to all other Zones?

TV Audio - again you will need to ensure your TV has a suitable Analogue Stereo audio Output or allow for an external converter (HDMI or Optical to 2RCA) to allow integration with the HTD local Input.

ARC - requires you enable HDMI CEC control before ARC becomes available. HDMI CEC is a potential nightmare in a 'connected' system. Personally I'd ignore ARC unless you have have the knowledge, software and hardware to take control of it on a 'connected' system.

UHD - will likely be 'forced' onto you over the next couple of years so you have to decide how long you hope to have the HDMI Matrix in service for!

HD over LAN (multicast) - is an option which can cater for UHD, FullHD and HD to a mix of Display types using processing onboard the Zone Receiver units, though it is likely outside of your indicated Video Distribution Budget.



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Thank you for your response Joe.

I am actually in the US so HTD works well for me. I have done a lot of research on WHA and HTD appears to have a solid product with the features I need. All of my audio sources support analog stereo output except my Apple TV. I am planning to use a S/PIDF to analog stereo extractor for my Apple TV.

I may also decide to forgo providing an analog stereo input to my WHA from the cable boxes due to the potential sync issues. I will either rely solely on TV speakers (albeit poor) or install a locally powered sound bar with each TV. Audio to the great room is provided using my Yamaha AVENTAGE receiver and I believe it does give me the ability to compensate for audio/video sync issues. Are you aware of any devices that offer the ability to adjust for delay to overcome sync issues?

My Yamaha RX-A1000 only supports analog sources to zone 2 but I am planning to upgrade to a newer model that does in the near future. In the meantime I will live without this capability.

I currently have ARC working directly between between my Sony TV and my Yamaha AVR for smart TV content but I may opt to go with an optical digital over CAT5/6 in my new house since it's not supported on most 4x4 matrix switches. This is only an issue for my great room TV because I will probably not provide audio from the other TVs to the WHA.

I agree with your comments regarding UHD. I may end up going with a 4k capable matrix after all to avoid the cost of an upgrade in a few years!

I have done some research on Octava's HD over LAN solution and it appears to be a viable option. The only concern I have it is that I may be limited to a more expensive control system whereas the other options allow me to use Harmony remotes, HDAnywhere's uControl or HTD custom Valet Pro. Do you agree?

Thanks again for your feedback. I have read many of your posts in this forum and others which have provided a lot of insight!

Joe Fernand

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Octava Pro DSX - supports Routed IR in the same way as our now discontinued Cardframe HDBT Matrix so not a problem to use with learning remotes. I can put you in touch with the office in Atlanta if you have any questions.

ATV3 - Optical to 2RCA is ideal.

ATV4 - is HDMI Only so requires an HDMI to Optical converter and where you don't want to have your Display on at all times you require a box which will keep the ATV4 awake when he Display is off.

Soundbar - one per TV Zone is ideal where your TV's only cater for Stereo audio, you want something with at least one HDMI Input plus HD audio decoding, User Adjustable Digital Audio delay will usually be catered for within that spec.

AVR - will offer User Adjustable Digital Audio Delay.

ARC - as before limited usefulness in a 'connected' system.

HTD - does look a good option.



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Thank you Joe.

Routed IR is a must but does the Pro DSX also support IR to IP conversion to handle transmitter to receiver switching at the Ethernet switch? This has to be dynamic connection to allow different sources to be viewed from any given TV.

Joe Fernand

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You can select which Source to view from any Zone plus pass IR to the selected Source.

Note with the multi-cast solution (Pro DSX) you 'switch' on the individual Zone Receivers not on the IP Switch.

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