4X DVD-R Discs on HS2?


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Hi all,

Accepting that I've probably overspent radically, is there any reason why these Memorex 1X-4X DVD-Rs I bought from play.com won't work / will damage my HS2?

Now they've turned up, I see there's a warning on the label saying:

Attention 1X-2X DVD-R Recorder Owners: If you currently own a 1X-2X DVD-R Recorder, you will need to upgrade your firmware to be able to record to 4X DVD-R media. This will consist of downloading a software application from the internet or obtaining a free update disc for DVD recorders.

It has a link to the Memorex website which seems to suggest the upgrade's only required on Pioneer players.

Anyone shed any light on this? Will these discs be ok? Any advice much appreciated...


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I've burnt about 20 Memorex 4x discs so far in my HS2 - Only time I got a coaster was cos of a power cut....

The HS2 will only write at 1 speed, no matter what the rating of the media type entered....

There are other threads going into more detail about 4x (and indeed 2x) media and why they will be fine on set-top DVD Recorders....

In short, use them with confidence.... Decent brand of discs at a good price with free delivery - Well done Play :)


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Thanks for the reassurance, Yuccaman. I see the thread you're referring to - I should've searched harder in the first place.



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Doesn't affect the HS2, however there was another make of recorder that burn't out the laser when it detected the faster discs trying to write to them at higher power, without a firmware upgrade in place

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