4th vs 6th gen Panasonic


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Hi all, can anyone help with this?

I have a 2 year old Toshiba 42wp16 which is a rebadged Panasonic (pretty sure the Pw4). It's linked to a Sky box and Toshiba XS30 DVD recorder. Very pleased so far.

Now looking to get another screen for 2nd tv/computer screen/ PC games (MOH, Quake 3 etc) and was considering the Philips 30PF9975 LCD; seems good in all respects. But for another 600-700 I could get the Panasonic PW6 for the main room and use the Toshiba as monster PC monitor. 2 queries though:

1. How good is the Tosh/4th gen Panny for computers/ PC games? The LCD has higher resolution (1280 x 768 vs 852 x 480) ? does this make a real difference?

2. Is there a noticeable difference between the 4th and 6th gen Panasonics? Anyone seen them side by side (unlikely) or had both?

Appreciate any comments


cant answer you question about the lcd`s . but i do have the same plasma as you and have seen a few 6 series and a few 5 series.

and i would put mine up in the pepsi challange against both. my friend has a 6 series and much the same setup, i`m bias but i think mine is better picture quality on component through dvd and with sky tv.

he did have a 5 series and personally i thought that was a back wards step from the 4 series. to much flicker .

hope this helps

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